The belgian beer book
Erik Verdonck; Luc De Raedemaeker
Lannoo (2016)
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Bier, Eten en drinken algemeen
België  Engels
UItgeverstekst: The ultimate book on Belgian beer The Belgian Beer Book is a handy compass to guide you on your travels across our beer country of Belgium. Take a look with us at Belgian café culture and share our personal selection of specialty beer cafés. We dissect the secrets of the brewing process which takes us seamlessly to the hugely popular final product that we categorise in various beer styles and beer types. Do not expect any lists or rankings but you can look forward to an interpretation and taste analysis of no fewer than 133 beers. Practical tips to store, pour, tap and taste all these delicacies are included, of course. We thoroughly enjoy a good glass of beer at the table and so we would like to treat you to several successful food pairings. We consulted several chefs, who reveal the secrets of their beer cuisine to you. Finally, our handy guide will help you plan your next brewery visit. There is no better way to discover the birthplace of your beloved beers. In Belgium people take their time to make a good beer. Take your own time to travel around our beer country. And above all, don’t forget to enjoy yourself... with a good glass of beer. Santé!

Recensie: Belgian beer is famous throughout the world. Beer connoiseurs Erick Verdonck and Luc De Raedemaeker explain everything there is to know about Belgian beer culture. How does the brewing process work? How do you tap, serve, taste and conserve a perfect beer? What are the different styles and types of beer? Which beers are the best ones and how about the recent craft beers? This book explains it all!

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Vertaler Cora Hackwith
Illustrator Patrizia Enna
Fotografie Erik Verdonck; Bart Vandeperre
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Hoogte x Breedte 291 x 240  mm
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